Local Community Marketing, Advertising & Event Support


We firmly believe that the money you give to support local teams, community arts groups, events, charities and non-profits should get you some bang for your bucks, too. So we bend your creative around the cause if we can, and produce memorable Local Support ideas, no matter what.

For the Veterans Count event in recent years, Focused Eye Care has tied their support into an ad the Ideabenders created that ties what the practice does into the first line of our National Anthem, for a very memorable approach.

EYE Vets Count Sample

Music, anyone? It’s alive and well north of Boston, and the Ideabenders always find ways to make program ads for symphony, opera and other musical events tie into what our clients offer. Our way of saying, “Listen up!”

Sponsoring the “Block Party” during an annual celebration of the founding of your small town? You’re making it too easy for us!

Sponsoring the annual Martin Luther King, Jr breakfast in Nashua NH, Focused Eye Care looked for a way to tie into Dr. King’s messages of hope and clarity, and the Ideabenders saw a way for them to do it.

Here was another pretty easy one, since “home” is heart is for both baseball and families. But we also got this one put right next to the left-field foul line and in the foreground of the scoreboard, where it would get extra eyeballs all game long.

A veteran-owned insurance broker with a message from one of their consultants, who is also a veteran. A simple approach with one word in the copy that ties the message together in a perfect way.

When the auction event in support of a young adult theater group has a “Harry Potter” theme, it doesn’t take a whole lot of magic to make your sponsorship ad just a little bit more memorable.

The bank’s slogan was “Here to Make Things Happen”. So it was a no-brainer to modify it in support of the Art Walk in Nashua NH. By the way, kudos to Sid Ceaser for the Art Walk icon. Simple. Adaptable. Perfect. Wish we’d done it.

Outfield sponsorship of Collegiate League baseball means your banner stays up all year ‘round, for more than 150 events of all different types, at Nashua NH’s historic Holman Stadium. Focused Eye Care wants you to see all of them… better.

Fletcher’s Appliance always sponsored local high school teams when asked, and the Ideabenders always put together ads that made an offer to people perusing the game programs. Cheesy? Maybe. Effective? Score!

The Capitol Center for the Arts is New Hampshire’s largest performing arts venue, and is occasionally the venue chosen for trial runs of plays and other events that will then premiere in Boston, and elsewhere. Just like this law firm did.

The event is called “Pairings” and it’s put on by the Rotary Club of Nashua in support of Symphoony NH. Of course, another “pair” also available at Focused Eye Care is a pair of glasses.

FLE Vets Count Sample

For the inaugural Veterans Count show in Nashua NH, featuring showman Tony Pace, Ideabenders put together an offer with local restaurants that gave vets who were purchasing appliances at the holiday season a little extra thanks.

It’s pretty easy for Focused Eye Care to tie into various local non-profits and arts groups, as these ads in support of Home Health & Hospice Care, the Front Door Agency, and Actorsingers show. We think it’s easy to make it memorable.

Tulley Automotive had six marques under its roof back in the day. That made it easy to lead readers' eyes and send runners off the line.

Casey Holt is a Rotarian, first a member with Rotary Club of Nashua NH and now of RC Prague International, and often contributes words, pictures and effort to Rotary endeavors – ads, web, posters, invites, burger flipping, tree humping… whatevah.