Content Creators, Marketing Consultants and Advertising Experts


With years of experience in media sales, marketing, programming, writing, art direction, public speaking, and more, the Ideabenders excel in print, radio, video, television, web, social media, search, event management, and some other stuff you may never have thought of. (Toilet bowl stickers, anyone?)

We’ve been there and done that. We not only know how to do what you need, we figure out what you need, why you need it, and why it will work better than some other solution. We also know that just because “everyone else is doing it” doesn’t mean you should – unless it will work for you.

Casey Holt is the lead bender. He started out as a journalist then, following the money, developed a personal, solution-focused creative approach to solving marketing challenges during more than a decade of radio and television spot sales and management.

He has spent the past 30+ years creating memorable and effective ads for companies across New England and beyond – way beyond. He has inside knowledge of traditional media and an uncanny ability to tailor a message so that it resonates wherever and whenever it pops up.

In addition to his creative role, he is the primary account service contact and also does presentation and sales training. And though much of the business world is just now acquiring remote work skills, Casey’s been working both sides of the Atlantic – personally and virtually – for more than 10 years. He’s a good guy, too. (You can get a feel for him here.)

Tracy Wampler is our primary designer, an award-winner with mad skills in multiple styles, meaning that your ad campaigns look remarkable and don’t look like anyone else’s.

Bob Fichtel jumps onto the design team as needed, with a former architect’s eye for how your messages fit the format and the neighborhood they’re hanging out in.

Brian Sullivan is our primary web bender, brought to the table for the big sites and custom programming. He also is an SEO monster, our security guru, runs the backbone for our hosting services and troubleshoots the rare problem we encounter.

Diana Burr is our WordPress and CMS wiz, and programs sites for both retail, healthcare, legal and financial services, artists, musicians and more.

Peter Grant is the guy who usually makes our web work rise toward the top in organic search, and has been dedicated to optimization – on all search platforms – since the days of Netscape (which is very likely before many of today’s purported search experts were even born). His approaches to it are mind-boggling, and he also employs a very sophisticated approach to AdWords.

Karin Genton-L’Epée, coaches people on the finer points of cross-cultural communication, public speaking, and presentation skills. She spent 8 years in the U.S., trained extensively with Anthony Robbins, and currently is based in Prague.

Alison Colby-Campbell is our media maven. From big-ticket television buys to localized Facebook placements, Alison really knows her stuff. She’s also a wicked good events specialist.

In addition to the team, Ideabenders also works with some of the best production companies and talent available, from Boston to Miami to L.A., plus Prague and London.

We also have a couple of “secret” weapons, one of whom wrote this take-down of a typical statement employed by many agencies today: “We specialize in creating actionable client-targeting modules and systematized methodologies to streamline your cross-platform communication silos within a highly engaging, team-oriented and interaction-based real-world experience that enables execution of competitive solutions within an information-centric opportunity implementation marketplace.” Yeah… That’s the kind of garbage you will never hear from us.

We live to solve marketing challenges with words, pictures, bits, bytes… and brains. Let’s bend some ideas together.